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Nov 29, 2001
Definetly must big this guy up, some sick ass tunes on the way! Best thing is, he kept himself under wraps for a long time, calling himself "Scart Ridge" on the web sites and forums.

Two tunes which Dylan has snapped up for Freak are "Light Cycles" and "Dark Shadows". Both have sick beats and bass for Freskish minds.

Big up :who_wants

Use your kloaking device, I didn't think so..
Posted by sdm@work - 03-12-2003 at 11:39

Originally Posted by klusta
there any linkage about?

Can prolly rip some later on!

Nice 1 - Ive been hearing good things about this guy!

perfect timing as an artist to drop over the next few months with Miami Winter Music just around the corner!! :gun:
He co produced the last Dread EP alongside John Rolodex and one track of the Dragon EP last year

Great producer
come to think of it didn't John Rolodex co produce Light cycles?
Seem to remember that off DOA or was that the wrong track
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