Cart & Stylii transport


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Mar 29, 2007
I need a home made solution as I only need it for 1 night and I'm not spending £15 on a box for one time, maybe in the future, but for now I need a quick, easy and safe solution.

Thank you.
some sort of box, an a bit of bluetac an just bluetac it to the one of the sides of the box.
Ive got M44-7's they have that little plastic cap covering the needles, i flip that down, and stick it in a small digital camera case, although i do want something squash proof, what about them dominoes boxes, where u slide the lid off? oh shit ive got one, if u ever buy blue Jeans aftershave, it comes in a small metal cylinder just big enough for too, that could work. im gonna keep thinking cos i need some for myself
The Blue Jeans tin is fine, just wrap them nice in some kitchen roll and pad out the top so they don't move. Perfecto! :)
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