Captain Nutsack exposes balls at Burger King!


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Captain Nutsack exposes balls at Burger King!

Ok, so my wife and I went to lunch at the Burger King in Lake Havasu City, AZ. As I am walking to the table with our food she tells me there is this old man with his balls hanging out. I didn't believe her, and so she told me to sit across from him and look down. I did, and this is what I saw so I took a picture with my crappy camera phone because I knew no one would believe me. This story gets better...

We sit far away from this dude (because we do not want to see ancient testicles while we eat our whoppers). He does not move, and keeps sitting there with his balls out drinking coffee. I start to think this dude is doing it on purpose because how the hell do you not know your BALLS are hanging out on a cold plastic seat?! Anyway, little kids are running around and what not so I call the manager over and explain how the old dude across the way has his balls hanging out. The manager doesn't believe me, so I show him this picture on my phone. He then walks over to the old dude to talk to him... except he is walking to the WRONG old dude! I try to stop him but it’s too late, he is already asking the wrong old dude to put his balls away. At this time I walk over there and tell the manager he has the wrong old dude and the old dude with the exposed balls in question is behind him. So, the unexposed old dude gets pissed. The manager turns around and now asks Captain Nutsack to put his balls away. The guy gets up and goes to the bathroom. Now Captain Nutsack just didn't have his pants unzipped, he had a fucking hole in the crotch of his pants for his balls to hang out of. Well before my wife and I leave, the manager comes back over to thank us and apologize for the exposed balls we had to see. He explained to us that this perv is a "regular" and freaks out the drive through girls when comes through because of shit like this.