Capsika - I Wish

Sammy Dexcell

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Oct 15, 2004
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i like the ideas, the soundsscapes an bass the only thing that lets this tune down are the drums imo, there nice n punchy just seem a bit cluttered, maybe shorter notes for the main stuff an have your high end constant. Its sorta drowining out the rest of the tune, thats bein picky tho, other than that i like this tune its good for a nice liquid summer vibe, no idea who it sounds like tho. Maybe makoto or some1 similar???? Not a bad attempt all in all, big up!


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Feb 29, 2008
yeh man thats a fat tune, im lovin it. the bass sounds cool how it is, it works well with the rhythm. the drums sound real smooth as well. only other thing i would like to hear is like a nice discreet vocal to go over the drop or something to give it a bit more meaning, but maybe thts just me. great track tho man nice wrk :p
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