capone : tudor rose ( rareform remix ) mp3 download

hi all

been asked by alot of people lately about the rareform remix of capone's tudor rose that was done last year.

the mix was actualy done by me and jonno ( the vocalist from poisonflow ) and we were asked by kickin / hardleaders
to do it as they had a few others on the boil as well as shimon's version.

originaly it was to be a mix under our ' poisonflow ' alias but it ended up sounding more towards the rareform style.

some of you may remember mampi swift's darklight mix cd on bmg from earlier this year which listed the rareform remix on the sleeve but actualy has the shimon mix on the cd ...

weirdness !

ok here it is ... hope you like it :

any feedback is welcome ... but obvisouly a bit to late.

and in true rareform tradition i have some bootleg pressure for the masses that will no doubt get many mixed views !

and no manikular was not involved in this particular bootleg.

peace out

gary nv :)