Can't be the only one to wonder why ..

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    Nov 7, 2012
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    ..there isn't (any?)more UK garage spreading ?:cat:

    OK a few things first , i m not from UK and was too young in the 90's to go clubbing as crazy.
    I started my electronic journey with drum and bass, deep house and stuff.

    Last weeks i was listening to an old school mix and was astonished by some of the tracks in.

    Ex :

    Now i m wondering, why didn t i have heard more tunes like this before ?
    Only band i know i can relate to is stanton warriors and still...

    is that kind of music still popular somewhere ? Are there any recent producers in ?

    (ps: i m not a big fan of big beat, what i m looking for is deep, almost atmospheric yet groovy breaks vibes : D)

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    ( oh yeah i forgot ; not a big fan of vocals here.) found that one !