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Mar 4, 2002
Many tunes have been caned to death last year and in the beginning of this year. The outcome of this has been that many people end up disliking tunes which they liked in the first place (general) when it was played by a certain DJ and that tunes has ended up in the national charts. This is how anthems are created. That’s not a problem, however, what bugs me is that these anthems get caned more than other tunes. I want to a club and not knowing what the DJ will play and even throw in a couple of classics, I want to be surprised. I don’t want to listen to anthems during an entire night. DJs should focus on their own productions (if they produce) as well as their favourites. The DJs shouldn’t play anthems just for for the audience during an entire set/night because they expect the anthems. Which DJs are most interesting and exciting to listen to? Definately those who know what diversity is, play their style of tunes and don’t care what the audience thinks, and DJs who try to be different from the rest. It makes me want to go and see someone who has got a special tune. A tune which no other DJ have and he’s the only DJ who might play it during a night. I want to hear rough and brilliant tunes which doesn’t end up in being caned by everybody. That creates excitement and expectations beyond the unpredictible ”anthem-like” set. A lot of DJs have the latest dubs and they play them and try to make up for their rather strange in soe cases mediocre mixing techniques/skills. If you ask me, the latest dubs doesn’t make a good DJ. DJs don’t have to have a box with many dubs. A few anthems in a night should do it. However, a DJ should play appropriate tunes depending on venue, audience and atmosphere. The most interesting sets are usually ones where I cannot recognize any tunes at all or don’t know the name immediately. Cutting dubs is becoming a hobby amongst DJs all around the world which isn’t good for the variation in general because large amounts of people cut the same tunes. Lets stop and think about this for a while. Isn’t it so that certain musical styles faded away because everything sounded the same? Then picture this, what happens in the long run if DJs tend to play (general) almost the same tunes at clubs and radio stations?

Did popular tunes get caned like this back in 90-96?
Are you getting worried about something in particular?
Have you got something to say about why music tends to ”fade away” and get less and less popular and if it could happen with the healthy scene at the moment. (even though it’s healthy I personally have some opinions in this matter, (((loops and Complex patterns/edits))), (((DJs-Diversity-anthems)))

Please think about what I’ve written here before you answer. My personal opinion shall not be interpreted as right or wrong. Please consider ideas, thoughts and experiences and write down a proper answer and bring up new points with appropriate examples or facts. Own comments will also be fine. please do not get angry with me simply because of my text, a lot of you my interpret this as a threatening thread which you must say you hate, that’s not my intention...I’m just looking for people who has something to say in this matter.

Diversity is really the key here. My never-ending search for DJs which play both the expected as well as unexpected tunes, will contine...
Yeah mate I completely agree. Good tunes that become anthems are eventually ruined by their newfound status; they become a cliche rather than standing as an excellent piece of music. Look at 'Shake Ur Body' - every party I've been to in the last 6 months has had this tune played about 5 times, and now I'm just completely sick of it and can't enjoy it at all like I used to. It's just such a cheap way for a DJ to catch the crowd's attention. There are much cleverer ways to keep the crowd on the hook, fo sho. Klute was excellent at this when he came here, he played heaps of unfamiliar gear and really took us all on a journey. He did play 'Squash' and 'Imagination', but in the context of the night they were not cheap shots at all.

Anthem Bashers = Butt

How many times do we have to hear 'The Nine' rolled into a mix? Play something else, for farks sake!:eek:
I agree too, was thinking about Shake Your Body today alot, and being honest, I dont think I'm gonna bother buying it now

when I first heard it i loved the tune, absolutely loved it, when it comes on my winamp list i skip it, im totally bored of it now, 2 or 3 days ago i said that i'd still be buying it, but i dont think i will anymore, the "novelty" of it has worn off for me now i think

Theres tunes out now that I much prefer
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