Can you recognize this tune pls?

Hi dude, unfortunately i dont know but Im pretty sure it might be a Q project tune (using the same synths & drums)
can someone back this up or point him in the right direction?


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well it's pretty similar to Q project's VIP of Ask Not...

1) BKey & Lomax Midnight Dub
2) Unknown Unknown Dub
3) Friction & Nu Balance Soul Surfer Valve
4) Mathematics Bubbler Hard Edge
5) T Power Delta V
6) D Kay & Lee One Nation Hard Edge
7) Unknown Unknown Dub
8) Commix Undisco V
9) Chris Su Back & Forth Dub
10) Chris Su Solaris Theme Dub
11) Ju Ju Mojohand CIA
12) Calibre Maximus Critical
13) Unknown Everything rmx Ebony Dubs
14) Calibre Dorieron Critical
15) Kabuki Loveliness Hard Edge
16) Unknown Altered State Ebony Dubs
17) Arquer & Realtime Warehouse Daze Hard Edge
18) Afray & Zion Base Unknown L plates
19) Outfit Unknown Nu Urban
20) State of Mind Unknown CIA
21) Marcus Intalex Temperance Soul R
22) Commix 5 Reasons Brand Nu
23) Marcus Intalex Zumbar Soul R
24) Commix At Close Quarter Brand Nu
25) Zero Tolerance Secada Advanced
26) St Cal Little Man Soul R
27) Ju Ju Burning Revolve:R
28) St Cal Red Light Soul R
29) Blue Skin Singapore Sling V
30) Total Science Kox CIA
31) High Contrast When the lights go down Hospital
32) Q Project Urban decay CIA
33) Unknown Unknown Metalheadz
34) Hive/Keeton/Echo/Gridlock Violent Sound Violence

starts with Arquer & Realtime - Warehouse Daze and ends with Affray & Zyon Base - Ceasefire...