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    Crystal cloud PRESENTS

    Riot (Rock drum&bass)
    Horrorscope (Electro liquid)
    Nu (jump up)

    Our 3 latest cuts from our top artists are available on many stores, here are the tracks as on Drum&bass arena, dogs on acid link to our label also available, wer also on many other stores inluding, Juno download, iTunes, amazon and many MANY more, please show some support and check out the tracks.

    Dogs on acid mp3 store drum&bass link:

    Juno download link:

    IF YOU CAN OFFER SOMETHING EXTRA *to our label please send us completed 320mp3 links to your drum and bass, we listen to all tracks and we will get back to you if we believe your music can add another dimension to our other artists.

    Many thanks
    Crystal cloud .