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Dec 22, 2010
lol cheezy title I know. I figured I'd do something different than just "Yo" or "Hey" :P

I love Breakbeat (ESPECIALLY Switch Technique), DnB, Trance, Electro, Dubstep, Industrial, 16-Bit, 8-Bit, Glitch Hop, Ambient, Noise (yes, noise)......I pretty much listen to everything. And when I say Trance, Electro, and Dubstep, I mean GOOD Trance, Electro, and Dubstep. There's so much crap out there making trance look amateurish :(.

When I first heard Sub Focus' remix of Ghosts 'N Stuff, I instantly wanted to learn more about DnB. So far my favorite artists from DnB are Diode, Aeph, and Pendulum, but that's only because I don't know much about the genre, I'm sure there's something I'd like other than those three (which seem really mainstream)....I had never even heard of Chase & Status before (I had to go to youtube to answer the random question during registration....FAIL)......which is why I came expand my knowledge of a genre I love but don't know much about. :D

I suppose what I am looking for is really dark DnB....I love Switch Technique for their bass and snares, and would like to find a similar feel in DnB.
Here's my favorite piece from them so you can see what I'm talking about...that bass just fills the space...

I hope you guys can help me pursue new artists and styles. Cheers from Wisconsin :P

Edit: Am liking what I'm hearing from Cirrus.....
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