can u get a minidisc recording onto the net

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I record my sets via mini disc.. this is how I do it.

First off you need these materials:
2 "Y" rca cables.. they should look like this >------
2 couplers(to connect the 2 "y" rca cables)

From mini disc to mixer:
Connect one Y rca cable from the line in of the mini disc to the master out of your mixer. Record your mix, have sex, smoke a ciggarette, eat a bagel.

From mini disc to your computer
Connect one Y rca cable from the Headphone jack of your mini disc+2couplers+1 Y RCA cable into your line in of your soundcard
It should look somewhat like this. Make sure you have those couplers to connect the 2 Y RCA plugs
[SOUNDCARD LINE IN]-------<>------[Minidisc Headphone]
Use Soundforge/or what ever recording program you have. I use my soundcards line in recorder. Play the mix,hit record on your recording program, and make sure to record the mini disc file as a LINE IN. If you have an additional Headphone jack on the mini disc player, you can connect another set of Y Rca cables and couplers from your mini disc to your computer's auxillary jack to hear the mix as it records. Or maybe you can actually connect it to your stereo as well. Can anybody verify that?
After you are done recording, just convert it to the necessary type of file you need to upload it onto the internet.
Thats bout it man. Any other questions, feel free to ask me.
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this doesnt answer your question (ol skee did :)), but i always advise people to record their mixes like so:

Once you've got it recorded, you'll most likely want to convert it to mp3 format, you can get a free mp3 encoder at

After that, you'll need some webspace... ask around, someone will probably have some to spare :thumbsup:
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