Can sumone record bluefoot in the mix 2nite pls!!!

Have a look at this thread:

It's quite a sick thing that automatically records mixes. If you use it though, make sure that you put in the stream link rather than the website link otherwise it won't record...

hmm cheers mate i would do it but my comp its nuff slow! and think my sound card is fucked so cant hear nout!!! could u do it for me??? if u did id do anything!! lol
someone's already put a link on there. I've put up another back-up just in case. So, yes it will be recorded...I'll post the link after it comes up

thanks mate!! your a facking diamond geeza if u do this!!
There's a couple of recordings that might be recording on this website, but they might not work as I couldn't get any tests to work earlier. But, I'm doing a separate stream and recording it myself and that is definitely working. We'll see what happens later...
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