Can someone help me wade thru this INFRARED White Label mess?


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May 30, 2003
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Right! Received a bunch of stuff from the infrared site and to be honest it's hard to work out what is what from these TPs!!!!

I have:

INFRA LP 005 PT2 (3x12") sides A to F - this is "New Generation Part 2".

INFRA 23 (1x12") sides A / AA - This is Future Bound - Codec / Flatspin (i already had this one - oops!)

INFRA 21 (1x12") sides A / AA - This is Share The Blame / Share The Blame (Cookie Monsters VIP). Not the same as the double pack which came out, which has a House mix and the tune Elephant on it as well.

INFRA T1 / T2 (1x12") - looks like a test press 12 with no release scheduled yet, Play The Game on one side and some tune talking about Professionals (from some assassin film?) on the other.

But finally, what the hell is this?

INFRA LP 5 PT 2 E on one side - but it's not, its another copy of Flatspin, only mastered by a different mastering place!

INFRA 21 AA2 on the other side - definitely not share the blame cookie monsters vip, but it's baaaaaaaad, and i'd like to know what it is :D ("Going Just Fine... Things are Going Just Fine... Things are" vocal)

Anyone who can help?? thanks!!
Caution or Access will have a good idea, they get all the TPz from Infrared aswell :)
whats the "elephant" track?

i got the share the blame ep and it has

a, share the blame
b, house mix of stb.

c, cookie monster mix of stb
d, and this track sounds like hazard to me?????? elephant????
Ez Ben....

The B side of Play The Game is Cookie Monsters - Roadrunner

The B side of the other tune you are confused about is Elephant

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