Can I have feedback pls? :)

step 1, make a soundcloud account! :), 2. the bass sound is real nice and the kick and snare is cool! you got the 3 main elements, kick snare and bass, probably lose the ride bells or use less of them, get some shaker hats, 2 hat samples pitched slightly up and down with slightly different volumes, get them running underneath, then add some other hats on top where u want it to be choppy, that chicka chicka sound u hear between the kick and snare is what your after. other than that try working on some lead synths or pads and try make your sounds fit together so they all jel ! once u got the basics then u can move on to mixing and mastering but im shit at that myself so ill leave that down to you haha


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Nothing wrong with that mate. The Bass was sick, loved how it changed in the build up to the drop, and was a great groove once it got going. Intro was a bit sparse, maybe purposely so, but a little bit more in there would have added something to it, was a techy sound, so some SFX in there would have added a bit of texture to the opening.

I am just starting out making tracks myself, can hear a good one, just need to translate it over to creating that good one :) You sound like your well on your way to getting some good stuff going.

Keep up the work, would like to hear a finished take of that track.


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Yeah i'm not really satisfied with the hi-hats etc. in the intro, I'am searching now for some nice sample packs on internet. Thanks for the feedback!