Can anyone recommend any decent...


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Jun 15, 2003
Essex 'Text-to-Speech' programs?

I need a kinda roboty sounding voice.

Cheers if anyone can help :)(y)
Yeah there's one with fl studio,, have you got fl?

Nah only got reason 4. :(

Are you using Windows, there's one in XP. I'm pretty sure you can get different voices for it, maybe worth a look?

I read about this. But im looking for one that kinda sounds like the robot out of that 80's film WarGames. Cant find one anywhere!!! (Where its ounds like the voice is crushed down to 8 bit)
No problem squire. There aren't any robot sounding ones. They are all different countries dialect, like UK, India, US, Spanish, German and French.
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