Can anyone ID this track? (file included)


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(my personal internetsite)

I recorded this supposed DNB track on cassette about 7 or 8 years ago from a 24/7 radio channel on satellite. Ever since, I have been wondering who the dj is, and what the title of this track is...

I used the voice recorder on my mobile phone as I dont have a mic and couldn't think of another way to record this of a cassette... this means that the sound quality is really, really bad... I mean, 6 minutes in 300kb can't offer much quality, can it.

The file is in .amr format, I can play it with RealPlayer (automaticly downloads the right codec) and in QuickTime...

If sound quality is so bad that you can't hear anything... i can maybe describe the track a bit:
At the start there are about 8 or so different sounds from which the dj makes a rhythm:
- an old modem dialing in
- some old drums
- a distrorted guitar

BTW, the phonecall you hear is on the track, it's not me ;)

Any hint or clue as to the origin of this track is welcome!