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My name is Wynn3r and I don't know if I have started looking in the complete wrong place. However it never hurts to ask.
I am starting out on YouTube my channel is going to be showing online games mainly with commentary. At the moment its all about Diablo 3 however I am
lacking one major thing and that's the right to use music!

I started my channel for pure entertainment purposes however its now something I would pursue and take a bit more serious. I am currently at around about 50 subs and over 12 0000 views this took just over a week to achieve. My target is to hit around 150 subs and 25 000 views within the next month or so. I am seriously into my dnb and have been for a few years now. I do like a lot of the mainstream artists however at the moment I am very into my dark-dark dnb. I have written to several unsigned artists requesting permission to use there music unfortunately I have not had much of a response.

So the question would be; Is there anyone out there that would be willing to let me use any form of dnb.
I think for anyone that is just starting out and trying to get recognised this would be a brilliant opportunity for advertising there music.
I would really appreciate any sort of feedback on this subject and if there is anyone out there willing to let me use there music I would
greatly appreciate the opportunity to combine my two passions together.

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stick to the game commentary, i doubt anyone on here will give you there tunes to advertise, as they can easliy do it themselfs.

and welcome to the forum! good to see you like the dark dark stuff (y)