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    Camo & Krooked have been making waves in the international drum & bass scene for some time now. As a part of the mighty Viper family and with tunes out on Renegade Hardware, Uprising and Beta, they're making a real name for themselves. With a whole slew of recent releases and rumours of an album, we thought it time for an interview with these dancefloor destroying Austrians.

    Please introduce yourself...
    We're Reini Rietsch & Markus Wagner and have lived in Vienna for some months now. Studying a bit in university, making some beats, DJing a lot and always living the good relaxed life.

    You're prolific producers; both as a duo and on your own you produce a lot of tunes without losing any quality. What's your secret?
    We always try to do something different. Let's say we just made two dancefloor monsters, we then completely switch styles and produce some liquid drum & bass or even minimal techno to get some new inspiration. That way we save our tunes from sounding the same again and again. We used to do more tunes in the past, but as our standards have risen, it has gotten hard to be satisfied with an idea now. If it isn't 100% dope, it gets binned. That may also be the secret behind the quality control; perfectionism.

    Many of your tunes sound huge and are very dancefloor oriented like Vampire or The Reward, is this a conscious choice?
    We try to produce tunes that go down very well at a party, with a lot of energy and character. And who doesn't want to satisfy the crowd's needs?! On the other hand we also produce a lot of liquid tunes. Some of these will be released on our forthcoming Above and Beyond album, which will be more for listening oriented.

    You've been part of the Viper label family for a while now. How did that come about and what's it like?
    Brendan Futurebound is a nice guy and things seem to run pretty good at the Viper label. In addition to that, it is a label that grows with its artists. Bren got in touch with us just as we started to make some good material and signed some of our bits straight away, which was a good motivation for us back then. We will release a Camo & Krooked EP on Viper in the future.

    Any collaborations with other drum & bass producers you'd like to do? And outside of drum & bass?
    Culture Shock would definitely be interesting, as we really like the ideas behind his productions. Outside of drum & bass some techno artists would be interesting, for example Stephan Bodzin.

    A lot of producers are branching out into other genres, take Sub Focus' electro tune on his album and the recent dubstep flirts of many producers. Any plans in that area?
    We already have a techno project going called Chrome, which is also coming into play at the moment – we've got some releases forthcoming and have had several gigs under that alias. We also made a dubstep tune, which will be released on Black Sun Empire's dubstep imprint Shadows of the Empire. But there is definitely more to come; we have another breaks tune in our stash and since we've made enough drum & bass in the last few months, there will be something in a totally different genre coming up from us in the nearby future.

    You're both based in Austria; who should we look out for from your country?

    The "grandmaster" D.Kay, Body & Soul, Fourward and Disaszt are our picks.

    What forthcoming releases should we look out for?
    We've got a lot of stuff coming out in the next six months. A Hospital 12", a Breakbeat Kaos 12", a Beta EP, a Viper EP, an Audio Porn 12" and our more liquid-based album on Mainframe called Above and Beyond. So stay tuned!

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    Love it. Cant wait to hear everything these guys come up with.

    Still cant get over You Cry. Top tune
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    holy crap these guys are busy. bring on the c&c!
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    Nice! Loving Camo & Krooked, looking forward to hearing some of the more liquid styles!
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    That beta EP will be goo o o o od. Got 'Skyline' on the tracklist... cant go wrong.
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    RAM is missing out here :D

    big ups the c&k every time!