CallumStrange - Changing

Rudimental-type influence, no?

The drums just sound like a looped sample at the moment, try and add some variety into them like an extra kick or two every now and then. I like the change up after the 2nd drop with the drums, maybe add that in earlier to keep it interesting...

Other than that I think the snare could cut through a bit more. Try panning the hats to the left and right to give them more width and make sure every sound has it's own space. Best way to check overall is putting a spectrum analyzer on the master channel and checking to make sure there aren't any 'bunched up' bits of the track.
Thanks for the feedback guys, yeah I see what you mean about the drums ive gone back and changed them up a bit and will update my soundcloud when I get the chance. @Catalyst_dnb listening back I understand where you're coming from with the rudimental influence however I am in no way a fan of theirs :)