Calling all stateside drumfunk fans


Apr 10, 2007
hey guys, I wanted to pop in again and say thanks for all inquiries I have gotten about the tours I have been lining up for Fanu and Dj Trax. Even though they haven't made it to every city out there, I'm hoping to change that and I'm looking to join forces with all of you guys again.

It's the new "site" I set up specifically to link all the drumfunk heads out there with info about tours for the upcoming year. The page tells you more about Drums Collective USA and has links to mixes and stuff from the artists but in 09' we will have tours from Chris Inperspective, Fanu, Macc, Dj Trax, ASC and maybe one more.

If you guys have interest in any of those people, PLEASE join the myspace link. Even if you're not a promoter. I've said a bunch of times, "I'd pay $100 if someone would bring (enter dj here) to town". The goal of the page is to find and link all those people together. If you have a couple people in the area interested then that would be cool to work together to make it happen vs never seeing it right?

So thanks again for the responses, I hope to meet more of you on the new site for bringing the drumfunk stateside.
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