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Nov 8, 2008
Want to increase sales of your music? Need a no-hassle, unbranded, web based solution that’s free and easy to set up? Signed or unsigned, established band or bedroom producer, check out

Beatfire presents a simple to use, instant way to sell your music online. Simply upload your tracks, set your price, and copy the code for the player to your website or myspace. Sign up and set up to sell in minutes, with no limit to the amount of tracks you can upload, there is no limit to the amount of money you can make. And once there’s £50.00 in your account you’re just one click away from withdrawing your funds via Paypal.

"With world-wide sales of recorded music falling... it's time for an overhaul of the 100-year old business model…" (Department of Trade and Industry)

As a product of the digital age, we are persistently being told that our beloved music industry is in turmoil… ruined beyond repair by the internet, music passed freely about as if it had no value at all.

We at Beatfire are frankly tired after listening to several years of the majors pertaining to be skint, after what was a much needed overhaul in how we buy music. It’s time for bands and artists to stop wallowing in what is purely a period of mass change, and take matters into their own hands.

“...sales are slipping, artists are in revolt…” (The Times)

The industry endangered by the fat cats at the top of the chain making mega bucks… CD sales dropped to fractions of their former figures and little or none of the revenue actually reached the artist. Up sprang more and more independent labels, bands and artists unleashed some of their creativity and realised their music COULD still sell. People WOULD still buy music they liked, and in fact, music purchase per person has risen due to the age of the ipod, mp3 systems in cars and more affordable CD and mp3 decks for DJs.

You don’t have to be a label to make money from music, you don’t have to watch your hard-earned disappear to heavy production costs, distributors and so on… just create, upload and sell. Welcome to
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