Calling all Producers! Remix Project

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    May 25, 2010
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    Im looking for producers to remix my beat fright night. I will release the best ones digitally.
    Post clips of what you come up with, will be good to see which ones the forum rates. The original is grime but i'm open to remixes of any genre.

    Im new to the forum, so mods move this if ive posted in the wrong room.

    Heres the Original:

    Heres the Remix Pack:

    Some of the Remixes so Far:
    SRC's Remix (clip taken from rinse fm)
    Artek's Remix
    FML's Remix
    Slackk's Remix
    Moony's Remix
    Webstarr's Remix
    Deset's Remix
    ADM's Remix
    Ghosty's Remix

    If you think you can do better then get involved!
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