calling all producers new production web sites this way!!!

After the loss of TwistedFrequency "Internet radio station" at the hands of the corporate money man and the greed of certain people, We felt the need to bounce back and show that the small man wouldn't be kept down.
So now we are very pleased to present the new look, working closely with, [SUB]Lime Recordings, TwistedNoize and TwistedNoize Platinum, is now a production community where people can upload their tunes for people to rate, review, remix and share with each other.
As well as allowing track uploads you can also download & submit things like sample packs, refills & sequencer patches. All of which will be made avilable to download free of charge and will be providing any technical help you need from its very fast growing group of producers.
TwistedNoize, [SUB]Lime Recordings and TwistedNoize Platinum will be backing this project by offering artists releases. These labels have had rising stars like PHILBEE, DELPHONIK, MARUKOMU, DTA, SINISTER, MARK EJ, DROWSYD, NICKBEE and BEATAKKO to name just a few, all release tracks with them.
So there you go, the new look http://WWW.TWISTEDFREQUENCY.CO.UK a home for like minded people.