Calling all Headz, Need Help Bad


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Badly stuck peeps, this really is a long shot as i have only heard this tune played once and it was a few years ago now but here goes. I heard it on dream fm, boots hi-fi was playing he stopped the whople set to play a tune that was passed to him, it's drum and bass but early with a rumbling bassline.
Tune starts with bassline then some woman singing.
Song Goes.

I know why, red rose makes you cry, red rose makes you cry hey.
Times that used to be always bring back memories, just to see that little red rose, i picked and gave to you.

Then sum ragga man comes in chatting about: the red rose it come back again, love you in me heart love you in me soul, body run hot and me blood run cold.

Smile , red rose makes you smile, red rose makes you smile for me. You get the idea.

As i said i know its a long shot but this tune is ruff this tune is tuff this tune is cooking so please help if you can.