Calling all *DnB*BReaKBeaT*DuBSTeP*GaRaGe* communities in South Africa

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Hi there one and all,

I am an event promoter/DJ from South Africa, I have been hosting events and promoting venues for private and exclusive functions for quite some time now, and one of my newest projects is something I'm sure you will be interested in. whYte rabbit has a fully equipped and skilled team of individuals who all contribute to the up keep of the movement, from branding, to event co-ordination, security to Exclusive Bar menus...our creative ingenuity ensures that all our events are something memorable and will be sure to keep you scanning through "flashbacks" long after the event.

It brings me great pleasure to notify you that an epic event is in the pipeline for all Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Breakbeat, Garage heads in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am currently in the process of planning an indoor/outdoor event over a massive plot of private land. A lot of planning is going into making this event come to life, and as such, I would love to get input from the main element of any party...the people...

Ok, so the idea is to have a day into night event, with 3-4 separate dance floors, each catering for a specific genre...most of the detailing and logistics have been taken into account and planned for, the venue has been approved and key players have been met with already, however as this is the first event of its kind in S.A, there is a lot more than just "a good idea" and a proposal needed to make this work.

I would like to get as many people involved with this project as possible, I am looking for DJ's, Producers, Artists, up and coming Event Promoters, Sound Engineers, Graffiti/Air-brush Artists, Fire-Dancers, Bongo Drummers, Jesters/Jugglers, Stilt Walkers...and last but not least....a community of people who are keen on having an event of this nature...happen in South Africa

I'm not too sure how many people there are in South Africa who are on this forum, but for those of you who are, please send me an email to with the following information:

For DJ's:

>Im looking to slot in a DJ for every hour on the hour at the event, it does not matter if you have a masters degree in exploring the universe or you just mix any of the above mentioned genres for fun...I want to work with you to get you mixing for an appreciative crowd on a BEEEEEEG ASSS SYSTEM!! If you feel you are ready to rock a crowd, please send an Email with "DJ" and your category in SUBJECT FIELD
(e.g DJ - whYte rabbit - Liquid Drum & Bass)

For Producers:
>If you have some music YOU have produced, and are looking to get these beats played by DJ's in their sets, drop me a mail with "Producer" and your category in the SUBJECT FIELD
(e.g Producer - whYte rabbit - BreakBeat)

I am currently networking with many contacts within the recording industry who are looking forward to attending this event looking for new talent as well, so if you got game...lets bring it to the table, it would be great to get a few of you guys exposed to the right people...who knows, it might just lead to something greater.


Okay, there is no party without the people, if you are keen on getting this event the props it deserves, I really need your help. I am trying to build a massive database to boost interest from the big players, I have already spoken to many sponsors and investors who are keen on helping out, however they need some sort of indication as to how many people their investment will be reaching, so the more of us out there, the bigger this event will become.

Spread the word, tell your friends, family, foes, girlfriends&boyfriends(EX's TOO) neighbors, acquaintances who know people who are into these genres of music, anybody you can think of who will want to be part of an event this epic...The more people we have, the more co-operation we will get.:thumbsup:

Send through suggestions, what would you like to see or experience at an event like this.

Please send an email to with your Name,Surname & Genre Preferences in the SUBJECT FIELD
(e.g whYte rabbit - DnB,Dubstep,Garage)

For Everyone:

Don't be shy, fill up the body of the email with info!!
Tell us a bit about yourself
Where about in S.A you are from,
How long you have been in the scene,
Favorite Producers, DJ's, Drinks, Food, Venues, Brands etc...

The more we know about you, the more we can do to keep you happy at the actual event :)

Feel free to send me a Private message if you would like to make further queries alternatively you can mail info@whyterabbit with your questions and we will get back to you!

Our Site ( is currently under some "renovations" but feel free to check in on the site every so often, Once you are on our database we will keep you notified of any changes being made to the site as well...

Please send me your details before the 6th of June 2010 if you want to get in on this event. I will be sending out reminders from now until then just to keep everyone informed.

Looking forward to working with you all
whYte rabbit