Calling all DJs ... and everyone else!

For a few months now, a modern music community dubbed 'Digital Breakdown' has been brewing and the website, which will be the centre of it all, is nearing completion. Next Sunday (the 7th) is when things will definitely start kicking off when we begin broadcasting online radio shows featuring various music genres, and we thought what better way to celebrate this than to host an online opening 'party' (so to speak).

This is where I emplore any DJs who aren't busy that night and know what they're doing when it comes to internet broadcasting, to churn out a half an hour (or however long you feel like) set and help the opening go with a bang. The objective of the night will basically be to have a good time - and levels of support from the masses is looking to be very good.

I would also like to take this chance to let everyone else know that they're welcome to come check it out and chat with the DJs and other guests in our IRC channel as well as listen in to our opening night via WinAmp on our high-bandwidth streaming servers - and generally have a good night before going back to work on Monday.

If you're a DJ, and think you might be interested in helping boost the d'n'b and modern music community in general, please feel free to ask me for more information via the following methods:

AIM: Edd2DaMorgan
IRC: #dbdn on

Digital Breakdown

Thanks in advance.
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