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Feb 10, 2003

Hi everyone.

i have recently set up my own promotion company for DNB nites across london and greater london, "boring" i hear u cry, but this one is different, as a long time follower of the scene i've seen so many changes and i noticed that 10 years down the line peoples tastes are so varied now, it's hard to put out a line-up that suits everyone.

It's quite clear that these days the major promoters are focusing on SPECIALISED raves i.e, MC convention, T.O.V Soundclashes, and battle of the crews etc.
So what i aim to do is start a new kind of specialised rave, that is exclusive to UP + COMMINGS/ DJ's and MC's and build a name that is recognised as a heavy promotion.
Before u all moan (that's been done before), i know, i have been a reader of this forum for about a year now and i've seen people talk about this sort of event, but have not yet seen any actual proof of organisation, so i'm gonna do this right!

The reason i'm letting u know first relates to what i have read on this forum over the last year, i've noticed out of a number of DNB message sites on the web this one seems to have the most "TRU" DNB conversation on it, which is what i like, not too serious, but i've also noticed a number of UP and COMMING mc's and DJ's who it seems would love ANY chance to perform........SO NOWS UR CHANCE!

PM me and i'll give all u budding andy c's and skibba's out there an addy to send ur tapes too, at the moment we are pencilled in for a hammersmith venue, it would be a friday nite event and on till about 3.00am........

SO WHO'S INTERESTED? feedback please people, do u think this type of event could kick off? could it be the perfect platform for buddin peformers to leap into the maisnstream of our music?

yeah man, i got a cru of 3 djs and an mc who are lookin for the break. We are all based in the hampshire area, but aint afraid to travel, when is this nite gonna be? a month?, 6 months?

Hats off for someone taking action instead of just dreamin bout it! ill spread the word, an get a couple of cds together. Any more info is appreciated.

Whoodihoo from the whoodid klaww aka jaywalker
We think we've found a venue but just confirming it making sure its definately suitable and that. Should hold about 200 people so it wont be a huge rave but the vibes will be just right.

Hopefully looking for aobut April/May time just got to get as many Up N comins as we can so just get your demos to us.

Thanks for the support.

im looking for sommin to get the teeth into.
im just lookin for some sets here n there, im also willing to help with the work side of things.

i can get a tape to you or i shall be puttin some mixes up on the net soon.

i havnt played out too much but i won the genesis competition at the wedge wood rooms in portsmouth if you need some qualifications.
That would be great Ive emailed you so get a demo over.

Thanks for offering to help when we got a few more things confirmed we will definately be looking for people to help out so cheers and thanks for the support.

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