Callide C.S.S Summertime EP out on Stilla Audio July 3oTh

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    Summertime EP Callide CSS

    Released: 30 July 2012 / Cat: STILLA004

    Stilla Audio

    Internationally recognised Drum and Bass producer has made a name for himself in the industry with his upbeat and unapologetic tracks that dominate the dance floors and radio stations across the world. Not content with securing releases on some of the most prestigious labels in the scene such as Andy C’s Ram Records, Callide has refined his production knowledge and taken on the challenge to produce softer, more melodic liquid Drum and Bass. It is with these intentions that Stilla Audio are proud to announce the release of Summertime EP by his new liquid moniker Callide CSS.

    Opening the four track collection of sunshine inspired tunes is the uplifting Ease Your Mind which begins with elements of the funky as the amazing soul vocals compliments the string samples. You could be forgiven for thinking that this was a step back in time to 70s funk before the amen breaks kick in and real drum and bass is brought to the foreground. A feel good funky offering that is guaranteed to make you wanna kick off your shoes and jam in the sun.

    Next up is All I Need whose powerful synths and brass section opening makes the perfect soundtrack to include snippets of vocal soul and scattered piano samples. Through fusing the jazz piano, emotive soul vocals and a furious drum pattern, All I Need is an energetic offering designed to make you want to dance and move around. The trumpets which come to the foreground towards the end of the track make for an eclectic listening experience.

    The mighty Stilla Nights features the male vocals of Kevin Lee Roy which creates a balance within the Summertime EP where this more relaxed and ambient track creates imagery of lazy days and fruity drinks at the poolside. The piano melodies once again add a softness to the track which is echoed throughout the whole of the EP.Callide CSS chooses to end the Summertime EP with the delightful Open Your Mind which keeps the pace at a more dynamic rhythm but still managed to incorporate all that which embodies liquid Drum and Bass. Clipped relaxing vocals, ascending piano samples and a positively uplifting bass line complete this selection of the most exquisite summertime anthems.

    Despite the weather against us this summer, the Summertime EP is certainly one way to get a little sunshine in your life this year!

    DJ Support for this release includes:
    Peshay, Storm, Chris SU, Random Movement, Muffler, Kenny Ken...


    1: Callide CSS - Ease Your Mind -

    2: Callide CSS - All I Need -

    3: Callide CSS - Stilla Nights ft Kevin Lee Roy -

    4: Callide CSS - Open Your Mind -