Calibre- Trust/ Waiting


Jan 3, 2003
I haven't really got round to buying that much Calibre up til recently as his output used to be so minimal. Wicked productionwise but not enough sounds to fill out the tracks. These two lovelies certainly solve that problem as the samples which he's used have a lot of depth and dubby resonance as they roll along. Trust is more of the DJ's choice as it has a shorter intro with some cunning sweeping backdrops and spacey vocal. The bassline is deep and funky and definitely has arse shaking potential. Waiting on the flip is slightly heavier and a fun intro to mix stripping it down to the bare kicks at one point for the cutting fiends amongst you. After a short gap the track cruises in to life with a chunky bit of bass action and some driving synths. My only criticism of these tunes is that the actual beats and bass bit of the tune is a little too short as it doesn't leave much room to manuever another track in unless you've got another with a short beginning. Other than that some classy little numbers.
This one is hot. The main body of the tracks is short, but sharp mixing can get around that.

Can't wait for Cold Halo and Feelin' Happy, plus all the Signature bits I haven't heard yet, so I can do a proper Calibre rinse for 2004!!!
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