CALIBRE special on BondiFM this FRIDAY


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CALIBRE special on BondiFM this FRIDAY

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Every friday on

This week we have 2 HOURS of CALIBRE tunes

here are the play time all around the world:


Sydney 10pm to 12am
London 1pm to 3pm
Dublin/Belfast 1pm to 3pm
Ediburgh 1pm to 3pm
Perth 8pm to 10pm
Tokyo 9pm to 11pm
Jakarta 7pm - 9pm
Hong Kong 8pm - 10pm
Paris 2pm - 4pm
Taipei 8pm - 10pm
Vienna 2pm - 4pm
Hamburg 2pm - 4pm
Vancouver 5am - 7am
Amsterdam 2pm - 4pm
Rio 9am - 11am
Zurich 2pm - 4pm
Washington DC - 8am to 10am
New York - 8am to 10am
LA - 5am to 7am
Seattle - 5am to 7am
Singapore - 8pm to 10pm
Budapest - 2pm to 4pm
Toronto - 8am to 10am
Boston - 8am to 10am
Melbourne - 10pm to 12am
Moscow - 4pm to 6pm
Helsinki - 3pm to 5pm
Philadelphia - 8am to 10am

Wellington 12am - 2am

The focus for this show is on drum and bass with excursions into breakstep, garage and other underground beats.

Cheers guys!!!