Calibre & Singing Fats - Drop It Down / Bleep

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Drop It Down
Longtime friends & studio work colleagues Calibre & MC Fats team up together for a real nice late summer roller, that sits perfectly alongside Calibre's catalogue of beautiful d&b from his Signature label.
Crisp single snares snap to a simplistic heart beat kick drum, while Fats vocodered vocals create a warm summer evening picture when combined with the childs play piano chords. A thoughtful layed back approach is taken when the first break is entered just simple FX & Fats charasmatic vocals are enough to wire you into the 95 jumpup bassline & choppy shakers. Every care is taken not to over produce this tune just let the main elements roll you along & let you have sometime to explore something a little more subdued & tranquil that is altogether refreshing in a world of drum & bass that has been swamped by wobbly basslines & harsh hoover & reese patterns.
A real gem of a tune which will capture your flag after a few listen's just for it's sheer quality & thoughtfulness to actaully try & give something back to the music.

Overall 8/10

Now this I didn't expect to be on the flip, real squelch & farty sounds best way I can explain it), bounce of each other not really doing to much except for sounding like an old gameboy game tune.The beat is minimal & pretty flat not creating to much to find or listen to, which made me really lose interest. Not heavy enough for a dancefloor not good enough for personal listening time, this was put together in 2 minutes & will last all o f30 seconds.

Sorry Calibre really disappointed this is what backed up 'Drop It Down'.

Overall 4/10

Released On: Signature
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