Drum & Bass Calibre - Dreamz Dub EP


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Holy fucking shit it's good. Out September via CIA.

Pre order vinyl / digital from Bandcamp goo.gl/0O0qrm

After a short break from releasing music’s finest format, Total Science’s CIA imprint is back with four tracks from arguably drum and bass’ premier producer.
It’s always an exciting moment when new Calibre music becomes available to us all, and we’re delighted to be able to bring you four of his newest creations not just digitally, but also beautifully mastered, packaged up in a brand new CIA label sleeve, and pressed onto pristine black 140g vinyl.
Calibre showcases not only his versatility on the Dream Dubz EP, but also that sound that he’s known and loved for.
‘Another’ conveys his trademark sound albeit with a 2015 twist, whilst ‘Posh Boy’ sounds like it was made in anger, bringing forth a harder edged feel. ‘Dreamz Dub’ is one for the soundsystem crew, deep as you like but with serious weight to it. And rounding up the package is ‘Believe It’, which Calibre does in his truly inimitable style, a sublime roller packed with musicality and depth, everything the man is known and loved for.
We’re extremely proud to release four tracks from a producer of his quality and reputation, and whether you decide to add this beautiful record to your collection, or the digital files to your hard drive, this music will stand the test of time regardless.


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Does anybody have an idea if this Calibre tune might ever see the light of day? I found it in a mix some time ago and it really caught my attention. It sounds gorgeous!

I think it's called Hold The Light, appearing at 1:45:50
Initially I hoped it would be on his Four:Fit EP, but not seeing it here AGAIN kinda bums me out...
Yeah, 'tis a good one...says it's to come out on his own label...maybe Shelflife 4?

Also in here around 01:15:00