by a show of hands for the east coast crew!

How many heads on here would like to have a strictly 89-94 event at konkrete jungle?

any feedback?

who should play?
Dara, DB on-e, Jason Jinx, myself, lets make this for the RAVERS by the RAVERS

yes I said RAVERS cause e all were ones at one point or another!

original raving crew where you at?


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I went to see Odi once when I was younger. He was to play at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park which is quite a dodgy ghetto town. Well after arriving and being hassled by a police officer for driving the wrong way down a very poorly marked "road" (it looked more like a parking lot) I finally got there to a near empty venue, a venue made famous by Bruce Springstien, and others. As it turns out Odi never showed up and I may have gotten worse tenitus due to the clubs treble heavy soundsystem only I was too young and stupid at the time to realize that I should have left streight away.

New York is a bit far, how about New Jersey? The clubs in Seaside Hts, NJ are nice enough. I'd like to hear 'Ardkore in Club XS. It has high ceilings, expensive Clay Paky lighting along side oldskool UFO centerpeices, and the sound system seems to be as good as the one the Twilo had. Only problem is convincing the owner to allow the venue to be rented and it would probably have to happen on an off night to please the owner (ie: not Friday or Saturday).

Of course DJ 1992 would insist on playing ;)