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Jul 25, 2008
Right so Im thinking of buyin some technics soon and heres the problem...

I wanna get MK2s as they have a rep for being the best for mixing over the MK5s. The problem is the pitch control only goes up to 8% which means I cant quite mix my oldies with the ease that Id like. An old problem I know but tbh im not ready to stop rinsing andy C & Shimon - quest weneva I want.

I no the MK5s also have a 16% pitch control but Iv heard their not as good 4 mixing and theres the extra price.

Is there a technics model that has say a 10% pitch control? Is there another obvious solution. (please no replies kindly informing me that I cud slow the other tune down as this has crossed my mind, ya heard?)


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Feb 29, 2008
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theres a way to adjust tghe pitch gain on the 1210's. look into, doubt it would cost too much getting it done.


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Jan 14, 2009

The MK5s have the option of a 16% pitch range which is great (although more difficult to mix at this speed as its obviously twice as responsive as the normal 8%) and no "pitch-click", which is also great bcoz that can be very annoying on the MK2s until you know how to get around it


I opted for the MK2s BECAUSE in alot of smaller venues they only have MK2s and imagine if you were to be playing out after practicing on your nice and easy MK5s, you get there, get in the mix and suddenly the pitch click comes into play, youl have no experience of this problem and it could really fuck things up for you

Where as if it was the other way round youl have nothing to worry about because suddenly, there is no pitch click! Which is nice because now you dont even have to deal with it.

Plus, MK2s are obviously quite alot cheaper

Also, I use serato so anything which is out of the 8% pitch range I can just speed up on the computer and then its fine.

But the MK5s are actually better to mix on than the MK2s if anything, unless your operating in the 16% pitch range

Really, it all depends if you wanna just mix at home or if you wanna start playing out

My theory is that the best set up you can have is exactly what is used in MOST of the clubs, and ALOT of places don't always have MK5s.


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Feb 15, 2009
a few years ago i had some catalog that was ment for education so stuff was cheap and they had 1210 mk5gs advertised for bout 320ish each i think cant remember exactly but ordered em n they sent mk2s so i sent em back then they sent mk5s i also sent em back cos wernt what was advertised now i feel like an idiot cos it was best prices id seen but aint got a clue what the companies called now!

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Jan 4, 2009
I got a pair of mk5s and they go to 8%. As already mentioned its the mk5Gs which have the 16% option. Also My mk5s are the nicest decks i'v mixed on (i'v owned a few pairs of mk2s in my time) and as for mixing out on mk2s its really not a problem at all... 1 club i play in has 1 mk5 and 1 mk2 its all about gettin a feel for a variety of different decks so then it don't matter what ur playin on...

If you want technics with a bigger pitch range but can't afford mk5Gs get mk2s or even mk5s (mine cost about the same price as mk2s) then get the pitch adjusted...

Remove the top panel under the platter. Look at the upper right hand corner of the PCB (printed circuit board). There will be a colored pot up there (blue) which says "pitch" next to it. Use a multimeter on the pot to get a reference before turning it if you want to get back to where you started from. (test for resistance, one clip to the lead facing the back, the other on the lead to the right) Turning to the right should increase the gain (greater than +-8%) and vice versa. The pot is a little touchy when it comes to precision adjustment. There's a way to get it into factory spec with a frequency counter but I'm not sure exactly how.. theres probably plenty of sources on the internet where u can get a more detailed explanation of how to do it but thats the bassics.. hope that helps
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