Buying a beginner drum set??


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Mar 11, 2002
Ok I'm looking to buy a drum set for my sister and the most I can spend is $400. I was thinking of buying one from Ebay but I'm not sure about brands. I mean I've heard of Pearl, Yamaha, and some others but some on Ebay are like Percussion Plus, Titan, TKO, Coda, Hawk International. I just want to know what I should get. I say the Pearl Forum set but it is out of my price range at $600.00. If anyone could give me some info then it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
You do know this is a Drum and Bass forum; not actually related to playing the drums.
But it just so happens that I do play, Pearl are good quality and last, well worth your money, try and get fusion size toms with your kit as the sound is a sharper and tighter. Premier kits are also very good, having owned a couple but they are uk made and I don't know how readily available they are in america.
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