For Sale Buy Brand New unlocked Apple Iphone 3gs 32gb, Motorola Droid, Nokia N900.

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    Company Name: GSM ACCESS LTD.
    Registered No.: SC302620
    Email: Or
    Type: Private Limited with share capital
    Status: Small unquoted company filing only an abbreviated balance sheet
    Nature of business SIC: 74300 - Retail sale of electrical household
    appliances and radio and television goods

    We are a professional Mobile & Electronics and all other home appliancies Seller specialized in Mobile Phones such as: Nokia products, APPLE Products, Samsungs, Mototrola, Sony Ericcson,Blackberry, HTC, Play station games , Xbox, CDJ Pioneer and many more products available for Sale in Our Store here in ANGUS, UNITED KINGDOM. Our headquarter is located @ ANGUS, UNITED KINGDOM and we Ordered directly @ whole sales prices from the manufacturing company Worldwide. We ship through out the Federation both local and overseas markets.


    Minimum Order : 1 unit - Infinity

    Shipping Method : FedEx, DHL, TNT, POST & UPS.
    Free shipping for bulk orders
    via FedEx, DHL, TNT, POST & UPS

    Delivery Time : 2-3days Delivery To Your Door Step.
    3 days maximum.

    Special Offer: Buy 3units and get 1unit free with free shipment.

    Below is some of our items with price lists:


    The New Apple iphone 3gs 32gb.....$300USD
    Apple Iphone 3g 16gb..............$190USD
    APPLE iphone 3g 8gb ..............$120USD
    APPLE iTouch 3g 16gb..............$170USD

    20GB iPod 20GB iPod @45USD
    Apple 4 GB iPod Mini Pink M9435LL/A @40USD
    Apple 40 GB iPod photo @40USD
    Apple 4 GB iPod Mini Silver M9160LL/A @40USD
    Apple 60 GB iPod Photo M9830LL/A @60USD
    Apple 60 GB iPod photo @55USD
    Apple 30 GB iPod Photo M9829LL/A @50USD
    Apple 512 MB iPod Shuffle MP3 Player @40USD
    Apple 4 GB iPod Mini Blue M9436LL/A @45USD
    Apple 2 GB iPod Nano @50USD
    Apple 4 GB iPod Nano @60USD
    Apple 30 GB iPod Vidoe @110USD
    Apple 60 GB iPod Vidoe @150USD


    Apple Macbook Pro 14/2GHZ,1GB RAM Intel Core 2 Duo@350
    Apple macbook pro 15/2.33/2G Intel core duo 2 @450
    Apple Macbook Pro 17/2.33/2G Intel Core 2 Duo @600
    Apple Macbook Pro 17/2.4Ghz/160 Intel Core 2 Duo @700
    Apple Macbook Pro 17" 2.16GHZ Intel core duo @550
    Apple Macbook Pro 15.4/2.4Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo @350
    Apple Macbook pro 15.4"ICD 2GHZ 1/100GB @450
    Apple Macbook Core Duo 2 Ghz-13.3" TFT-MA472LL/A @300
    Apple Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.16ghz-15.4"@400
    Apple Macbook Pro 15"2.16Ghz,1gb,160HD @450
    Apple Macbook Pro 17" 3GB RAM,160GB HD @500

    NoKIA N900........$250usd
    NOKIA N97 32gb....$200USD
    NOKIA N96 -----US$150
    NOKIA N95 8GB---US$120USD
    NOKIA N95---US$120USD
    NOKIA N93I ---US$110USD
    NOKIA N93 ---US$100USD
    NOKIA N92 ---US$100USD
    NOKIA N91 ---US$100USD
    NOKIA N90---$US100USD
    NOKIA N80---$US95USD
    NOKIA N70---$US$95USD
    NOKIA N71---$US$90USD
    NOKIA N72---$US$90USD
    NOKIA N73---$US$90USD
    NOKIA N75---$US$100USD
    NOKIA 8800--US$85USD
    NOKIA 8800 SIRROCO --US $150
    NOKIA 2100-- US$50

    Email: Or

    Blackberry Storm2 9550 at $300USD
    Blackberry Storm2 9520 at $250USD
    Blackberry Bold 9000 at $150USD
    BlackBerry 8830 $150USD
    Blackberry Curve 8320 at $150USD
    Blackberry Curve 8350i at $170USD
    Blackberry Curve 8330 at $1700USD
    Blackberry Storm 9500 Touch Screen at $200USD
    Blackberry Storm 9530 at $210USD
    BlackBerry Javelin 8900 at $220USD

    Motorola DEXT MB220....$210usd
    Motorola Droid.........$290usd
    Motorola Motocubo A45..$250usd
    Motorola Karma QA1.....$150usd

    Asus P535 $190
    Asus P525 $180
    Asus P505 $160
    Asus Z810 $200
    Asus V85 $150
    Asus V75 $130

    Htc Touch HD2 $320usd
    Htc Touch Pro $150usd
    Htc Touch Pro2 $220usd
    Htc Touch HD $150usd
    Htc Sprint $210usd
    Htc Hero $220usd
    HTC X7500 $250
    HTC S710 $250
    HTC P350 $200
    HTC P3400 $190
    HTC P4350 $150
    HTC P3600 $160
    HTC P3300 $100
    HTC S620 $120
    HTC S310 $140
    HTC TYTN $1200
    HTC MT EOR $140

    Qtek 8100 $125
    QTEK 8300 $145
    Qtek 8310 $155
    Qtek 8500 $165
    Qtek 8600 $225
    Qtek 9600 $270

    Sony Ericsson K500i--- $1310
    Sony Ericsson K508i--- $110
    Sony Ericsson K510i--- $110
    Sony Ericsson K600i--- $110
    Sony Ericsson K608i--- $110
    Sony Ericsson K610i--- $110
    Sony Ericsson K700i--- $120
    Sony Ericsson K750i--- $120
    Sony Ericsson K790i--- $120
    Sony Ericsson K800i--- $120

    SAMSUNG D500 ----US$130
    SAMSUNG D600 ----US$150USD

    For inquiries, kindly place your order by contacting us on Email: Or



    Sales management