Burner Bros feat. Joe Philips/ Erik Kang out 1st April!

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    A. Burner Bros feat. Joe Philips – "Sinister"

    B. Burner Bros feat. Erik Kang – "Police Raid"[/SIZE]

    Hailing from the Metro NYC Area, The Burner Bros, after a hiatus from the drum and bass scene make their triumphant return with this explosive single on Subsonik Sound Recordings. Sinister offers up grimy, pulsating bass leads, punchy drums, tastefully soaking wet electric guitar licks surrounded by an edgy sample hook, gradually growing in intensity throughout the buildup to the eventual drop. A rolling bassline and drum track compliments the full vocal essence of the track. A Signature Subsonik Sound track. Police Raid opens on a more intense note, as the crispy rolling breakbeats introduce you to rugged, club ready banger. This track plays off its edgy rock guitar riff, and switches back and forth through several dance-floor oriented running patterns. This is definitely one for the jump-up crowd!

    Audio for "Sinister" Here: www.myspace.com/subsoniksound

    Available April 1st, 2009 . . .


    The BURNERS are BACK!