Bulletstorm - Fat Man

mmm, I don't know about the snare. It's a bit weird, one moment I love and another moment I wanna replace it.
So I don't know haha.

I listened to this track on various speakers and I'm thinking off slightly lowering the bassvolume.
Just uploaded a final version of the track.
I made some tweaks in the kick, and a really tiny tweak in the snare.
also, I lowered the bass volume a little bit,
through my speakers it sounded pretty good but over other speakers the bass was a little too much.

What do you guys think?
and is this track good enough to send to a record label, or does it suck.
please give me your honest opinion.
Nice tune dude :) Dunno if it was changed in the end but the snare is sounding good right now! :D

Nice one :)
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