Buff Factory : a set of tools to produce music worldwide!

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    We are Buff Factory, a new Start-Up in the musical production.

    Our goal is to provide a set of tools to let producers meet, produce and share music together Worldwide.
    Our set of tools let producers work together on the same track/same version without any concurrency issues (for example : 10 producers can collaborate together on the same track). You will also have backups of your project on the cloud, no more project losses :) !

    We are launching the private beta on early September, the beta will last around 1 or 2 months. During the beta you will produce music with other beta testers, make music together, collaborate on a lot of projects, meet other musicians and create some unique mixs, styles... And when it will finish, we will organize a launch party in Paris, with all exclusives tracks produced on buffactory and producers that collaborated to make this happens :) !

    If you want to be in : goto http://www.buffactory.com/survey, fill our simple survey (4questions ...) and add your soundcloud link. Also invite musicians with whom you want to collaborate.

    Thanks for reading, we hope to see you next September :)
    Sorry if you think this is spam :(

    The Buff Factory Team.