Budoka - Echoes EP pt.2 [Tilt-Recordings T-FILE-EP011]

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    For the second part of his "Echoes" EP project, Budoka has again put together two different tunes:

    "Eye Sea Blue" is a lovely, technoid summer roller with a beautiful hookline and other melodic guitar parts all played by the musician Budoka himself. The tune is set in a warm summer night at the ocean and brings precisely this athmosphere into the clubs together with a proper rumbling bassline.

    "Desolation" is a serious, modern Neurofunk bomb on a high quality level that combines the latest minimalist tech-nology with Budoka's own style and brings a seldomly heard musical element into the soundscape: subtle, spacey "donks" (formerly known as stabs) appearing in a triplet arrangement, remotely similar to the bassline notes in "Echoes." It goes without saying that the tune fulfills the sound admission requirements for the international top league with ease. Its precise, juicy beat, angry but carefully restrained and condensed midranges and its massive, although hardly accented bassline as an entity do indeed "rinse it out of proper!"


    full mp3s & wavs available here:
    https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/232034/Echoes EP Part 2

    artist myspace & label links:


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