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Brand New digital label : Just D&B music.

BBGDIG001: Ozma - Ozma'Step / Dk Foyer - Caller(VIP)
BBGDIG002: Prestige - One Man / Unknown Error

BBGDIG003: Dess - Bastard / Ufo Invader

Bubble Gum Records 001 - BBGDIG001

Another label is setting feets on the ground 2008.Bubblegum records is programmed for movin the floors. saint-petersburg based producer ozma is rippinґ it totally with his monsterous "ozma step" on the aside. after a scary intro followed by an short drop,the gritty bassline is bubblinґ nonstop up and down cutted with switches!hard hitting drums complete the tune - this one is heavy. dancefloors will explode... flip comes from russian dnb maestro dk foyer. "caller vip" combines fine drums with a perfect mixdown and a monotone bassline. bleeps and deep tones makes this one a serious circus tune. bubblegum records is bringing u the real jumpup-affair.This is music for the floors.

A. Ozma - Ozma'Step
AA. Dk Foyer - Caller (VIP)
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Available @ Juno / Trackitdown / Digital-Tunes
Soon @ Beatport / D&B arena

Bubble Gum Records 002 - BBGDIG002

after bubble gums debut another stomper is fastly scheduled on the plan. russias prestige is coming with a floor hitting double-release!. with forthcoming releases on system shock & impulse beats this guy is up and coming. aside tune "one man" starts with lushy reverse sounds and vintage b-movie phrases and drives into a bristol-like stomping b-line that will find its lovers for sure. bside tune "unknown error" brings us back to a videogame. bleepy sounds followed by grimey bassline-steps icluding nearly every "state of art-sound" of jumpup today! this one is a true medley and with its early-morning-pad sounds in the intro, "unknon error" is a secret till the drop sets in! illness on the run. bubble gum is killinґit again with this release! prestige has dj-support from the one like: callide, rusty, logan d, unix, complex, mutated forms & many more

A. Prestige - One Man
AA. Prestige - Unknown Error
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Available @ Juno / Trackitdown / Digital-Tunes
Soon @ Beatport / D&B arena