Bubble Gum Records 003 OUT NOW!!! (by Dess)

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    Bubble Gum Records 003 - BBGDIG003

    Bubble Gum Recordings next installment BBGDIG003 by Vadim Morozov also know as Dess, Drum'n'bass college's freshman - ukranian young & upcoming producer, who is coming straight from bedroom studio with two pieces of serious dancefloor damage! Crushing beats and wobbling basses - that it - Bastard / Ufo Invider - tunes which won't be missed!Also dont forget about massive support by Mutated Forms, Camo, etc

    A. Dess - Bastard
    B. Dess - Ufo Invader
    Check it now!!!

    Available @ Juno / Trackitdown / Digital-Tunes
    Soon @ Beatport / D&B arena