Brutal Recordings 002 - Dataset - Cybermen/Soulforce Promos out now


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Artist: Dataset

Dataset are making waves with the 2nd release on their own imprint Brutal. The lads from Nottingham flex their musical muscles with a bold second release. Bringing quality beats with a different flavor; this single certainly doesn’t disappoint…..

A: Cyber Men

This one's a big hitter that’s designed for the dancefloor. A minimal intro builds tension before the initial drop of pumping bass and hard edged drums. As the track develops it gets progressively tougher and more intense, with each drop taking it harder than the one before. As the filtered amen cuts slice though the acid basslines of the final drop you know things are about to get hectic, before it unleashes the full force of the Dataset sound.

AA: Soul Force

Soul Force shows a different flex from the Brutal boys. Bright Rhodes introduce the track as a voice talks about meeting physical force with soul force, a statement that’s pretty apt in these current times. Crisp stepping beats pump and punch through whilst tight percussion builds the momentum. Lush orchestral strings stab through the soundscape before a Bristol style bassline launches Soul Force into full future funk effect. A second drop introduces a different bass groove and crashing cymbals shake the floor in this deep yet tough roller.

DJ Support comes from Skitty, Escape, Fatal, Transit Mafia, Heist (aka Strider), Temper D, V-Chip & Ctrl (DSF) and many more…
07817095966 / 07867567575
AIM: DJ Lynkx / Lowkey KF

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