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Mar 27, 2007 Depths Promomix mp3.mp3

FOKUZ 2009 007 LP – Brother – Hidden Depth Album (SEPTEMBER 2009)

Brother, one of the treasures of the deep, has been a Fokuz favorite for a long time. After signing tracks to a few singles, and some tracks on the Fokuz various artists albums, we thought it was time for Brother to move up to a next level.

Brother is known for his incredible warm sounds. When listening to his tunes you get warped back in to time, sitting in the back of a dodgy jazzclub, drinking a beer , smoking a cigarillo, while listening to some live musicians playing trumpet, the piano and a bass guitar.

Hidden Depth is his debut album, and gives us a proper view of what this man is capable of. First up we will release a digital Single which will be the teaser of what is to come..

Following you will see 2 tracks hit the vinyl market aka FOKUZ 037, followed by a Double CD featuring 21 tracks, covering all directions within the atmospheric drum & bass market. The album features 1 cd with all new unreleased material + a bonus CD with unreleased tracks, downtempo tracks, and some re-releases of earlier released material..

For the real vinyl freaks amongst us, Fokuz has decided to stick 8 of the best tracks on one piece of vinyl, with a nice sleeve and full colour artwork on it.

don't forget to check out this Promomix with tons of Brother tracks featured on it
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