Brooding, genre-bending weirdness from Deficit & Peak - Out Today on AutomAte Deep!

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    Label boss Deficit joins forces with psychedelic breaks don Peak for an experimental bass-heavy workout, before delivering his solo debut on the flip.

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    Mankind’s legacy has reached critical mass. Earth has become a cesspool of filth and debauchery presided over by a corrupt government, their bidding enforced by the ruthless Watchmen. Desperate to escape, we board an interstellar spacecraft bound for destination unknown, searching for a brighter future.

    Alas, our craft runs into trouble and we are forced to turn back. Our only other choice, join them. We make the ultimate sacrifice, selling our very souls, sparing us hell on Earth in return for everlasting life in servitude Eternum.

    These productions make use of stereo phasing and filtering effects. For best experience, listen on a stereo sound system capable of reproducing frequencies as low as 30Hz. Enjoy!

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