brokenHalo: The Agency


The Broken Halo agency is currently taking bookings for: Arsenic, Mumblz, Empire X, Discipulus, GreyOne & D.Min.

Contact info:

AIM is: brokenHaloCaz
Phone: 219.381.4910


Freak // Sinuous // Evol Intent // G2 // Algorythm

Rising from the depths of Hell comes arsenic, the combination of Indianas Point of Reference and Tek Infektion. Coming forth with a very industrial, often abrasive style, they have acquired the support from the likes of Dylan, Dieselboy, Evol Intent and more. You can be certain their tracks and live sets will be turning heads for a long time. Be on the lookout for such tracks as Devils Rage (Sinuous), Decapitator (G2), Bitch w/GEIN (Freak), Aneurysm (Evol Intent) and Hollowpoint (AT Recordings) as well as a multitude of collaborations and new offerings.


Evol Intent // Future Sickness // Cymbalism // Flatline // Foulplay

Out of the darkness comes Darren Valvano who is known to most as Mumblz. He is a no-holds-barred Drum n Bass producer with an impressive resume worthy of the industry's greatest.
He receives much appreciated DJ support shown by Dieselboy, Evol Intent, Ewun, Counterstrike, Unknown Error, The Panacea, Gein, RAW, SPL, Hidden & Eye-D, L Double & Mary Anne Hobbs, has contributed to the success of Mumblz and has assisted in spreading his brain-cracking sound across the globe. Mumblz continues to bring on the tunes that crack your spine, and there's no sign of him stopping now.


Freak // Future Sickness // Foulplay // Technorganic // Section 8

Since his life of Drum and Bass began EMPIRE X has become a member of many organizations and recording labels:Freak/Obscene UK, VSL 1200 of Tampa, Technorganic Recordings of Tampa, and BWSS (a Big Worm Production) of Sarasota. X began making his own DNB productions early in 2001 at a local studio in Sarasota where he produced his first remixed track. His first released track was with Hot Wax Recordings of Tampa, FL in 2003. Throughout his musical DNB career X has played with many big names such as Panacea, Craze, Dieselboy, AK1200, Sage, Marco, and Aphrodite. If anyone deserves respect in the Drum and Bass scene for what they have done and accomplished it is Empire X. He has been through the good and bad, the ups and downs and has surely paid his dues. It has definitely been a struggle through the years to get to where he is at right now but he would not have made it without all the hard work and effort that he puts into the love of the music.


Section 8 // BrokenHalo

The production trio known as Discipulus was formed in mid 2006. It was at that time that Derek (Danja Mouse), Jason (Aeon) and Keith (Slyde) decided it was time to put their collective minds together to produce a new sound in Drum-n-Bass. Having been friends for a long time and equally sharing the same passion for DnB as the other, joining forces to create dark and heavy beats was pretty much a foregone conclusion. As a result, the dark force known as Discipulus was born. Learning from each other with what each respectively brings to the table, Discipulus has quickly created its own sound which tends to cater to the darker realm of DnB. With a few tunes already damaging the dance floors and many more in the works, be sure to keep an ear out for Discipulus for years to come.


Mindsaw // BugKlinik // Nightmare // Witness

Greyone a Belgian drumnbass producer,
started producing in 2004 at the age of 17 ,
signed to labels like : Mindsaw rec. , Bug Klinik rec. ,
Witness rec. , Nightmare rec. and made already
a couple of releases on them.
In 2007 he started doing Liveset performances.
In the summer he is working together with Matar ,
expect some heavy bomb tracks + Livesets !


Future Sickness // Revolution Pro // Flight // Abducted Recordings

Originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, D.Min. has been an actor, singer/songwriter for numerous metal bands, and has also worked promotions for artist's locally in West Palm Beach for over a decade, and promotions for a smaller Dreamworks artist later on. Even with all of that behind him, he says that NOTHING is like the raw and powerful feeling spinning Drum and Bass can give you.

Founder of Revolution Pro (in Jacksonville/Florida/USA) D.Min. has had delved into every aspect of drum and bass to help progress the scene as a whole. 1/3 of the team that started one of Jacksonville's most successful dnb weeklys, Protocol, he has helped to make sure that drum and bass stays alive in the city. With a very energetic stage presence, he is known to never disappoint on stage. Smooth mixing, precise timing, and impeccable track selection help to make him a crowd favorite wherever he goes.

Already having played country-wide with many artists of all genres, D.Min. has defiantly done well for himself, but says he isn't stopping there. His addition to the Future Sickness Records, and Flight Recordings roster is another step forward as he plans to help them become one of the heaviest hitting labels in the dnb scene.

We will have more detailed information and artists tba very soon.....