**BROKE 8th Sept LEEDS DnB, Jungle, Hardcore, Breaks, Electro**

September 8th sees Broke return to My House in Leeds for another adventure into the world of the hard, the wrong and the most absurd noises in Leeds. After the success of the past free parties we have beefed up the line up to offer you a chance to see some of the most innovative and ground breaking artists performing live. We have got the main room of the club for this night so we can abuse the beasty Funktion One sound system! This instalment of the Broke odyssey will cost you only £5 on the door, where else would be able to witness such talent for such a small amount?

Room one is headlined by Tim Exile and Dolphin.
Tim Exile is arguably one of the most talented individuals in the electronic music scene who has had release on Planet Mu, Evol Intent Recordings and Renegade Hardware. Mr Exile is renowned for his high energy live sets where he uses an array of gadgetry and showmanship to create a truly unique rave experience which has toured the world in the past year.
Dolphin has recently been signed to Planet Mu but has been creating blistering hardcore for years with releases on Deatchchant, Ninja Columbo, Rebel Scum and Pacemaker to name just a few. Whether he is ripping apart some 1210s or performing live Dolphin is sure to deliver the goods.
Voltek is making the journey from Brighton to Leeds with Exile. He produces and plays live what can only be described as twisted acid fused electronica and techno. Recently Voltek has played at the Glade festival and is signed to Wrong Music.
The rest of the talent in room one is comprised of Room 237 head honcho P45 and the Broke residents Helix, Nesh and MaCheeeN Boi.

Room two is headlined by Cassette Jam and the other Broke residents..
Cassette Jam are Rory Lyons and Will Graney. After winning the Babycream DJ contest in Leeds these two highly talented local DJs have gone from strength to strength and have been playing some major gigs such as the Creamfields official after party, Dirty Disco, Broke and Chibuku Shake Shake's Lake of Stars Festival in Malawi, Afrika. Their ability to work together and create a performance that comprises of so many different sounds and styles is second to none.
The one and only Jimi Burnz, Helen M, Ade Rippin and Goose will provide the rest of the room two onslaught. They all have much experience of providing the right tunes and mixing them with a real touch of class but a certain one of them has recently started to turn their performance into one of the most ‘revealing’ DJ acts about… I will let you find out who by coming down ;)

Check out the line up and set times…

Room 1 electronica / dnb / jungle / hardcore
10-11 Nesh (Amen)
11-12 Voltek (wrong music)
12-1 Tim Exile (Planet Mu)
1-2 Dolphin (Palnet Mu, Deathchant, Ninja Columbo)
2-2.40 MaCheeeN Boi (Broke)
2.40- 3.20 P45 (Room 237)
3.20-4 Helix (Marionette records)

Room 2 breaks / electro / techno
10-11.30 Helen M (Broke)
11.30-1 Jimi Burnz (Industry)
1-2.30 Cassette Jam (Cream)
2.30-4 Ade Rippin b2b Goose (Kemistry)

I hope to see you down there, doors open at 10