British Intelligence (Sound of the future).


I really like the drumline at the drop, though the kick seems like it could be boosted, or made snappier, or something. I like the change up/pianos at 2:11. Good layering in this part overall. Do you have any other lyrics from that clip besides "the sound of the future"... those might be fun in the breakdown section. I was a little confused at all the heavy bass in the breakdown, as that is often cut and saved for the second drop (at about 4:25 here, where the drums come back in, I'd guess). By 4:50 the song is going along at a good clip again. The only other critique I have is that certain frequencies seem over-cut or over-EQ'd . . . it's important to keep your sound clear, but don't strangle the sound. :) Though, to be fair, I'm listening on headphones so maybe that's part of my issue...

Anyway, it's a pleasant, solid track. :)
Nice one kdk, I have to admit this track has minimal amount of time spent on it, about 6 hrs so far, so its still in its early stages. I usually have to do a little tidying up after I post it which I will and Ill follow your advice.

I wish I had some more of that speech but that's the only clip I have though there must have been more originally, I could research it.

Thanks man, nice critique!!