Bristol RiseUP Special!!!!

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    Mary Anne Hobbs latest show looks at the dubstep scene and its second home: Bristol.

    On the show this week we take you to the heart of Bristol’s dubstep sound - 12 exclusive sets from the city’s incredible community of young producers:

    Pinch, Joker, Gemmy, Headhunter, Wedge, Komomazmuk, Peverelist, RSD, Jakes, Appleblim, Gatekeeper with Grilza, Forsaken with Ben Blackmore

    Expect a whole array of textures from techno, dub, reggae, acoustic and grime all woven together exquisitely...

    Bristol has long been a serious contender for the UK's capital of cutting edge music.

    Check out the short film above and photo gallery documenting Mary Anne's visit to find out what makes Bristol such a hotbed for musical creativity - plus check out Benjamin Stringer's brilliant article for even more info about Bristol and it's music.

    BBC IPlayer Stream

    As always, download will be made available in a week after streaming has ended on the BBC site. Support the scene and it's musicians by streaming while available.

    Wednesday 3rd December

    Bristol: Rise Up Special

    Hyetal - 'We Should Light A Fire' (Dubplate)

    Pinch mix
    Moving Ninja & Pinch 'False Flag' (Dubplate)
    Pinch 'Attack Of The Giant Robot Spiders' (Dubplate)
    Pinch 'Motion Sickness' (Tempa)
    Pinch 'Teleportation' (Edit) (Dubplate)
    Pinch & Pavel Ambiont 'Poison-Remedy' (Dubplate)

    Joker mix
    Rsd ‘Trample’ (Joker Mix) (Dub)
    Joker ‘Untitled.Rsn’ (Dub)
    Joker ‘Digidesign’ (Dub)
    Joker ‘There She Go's’ (Dub)
    Joker ‘Do It!!!’ (Dub)
    Joker & Ginz ‘Purple City’ (Dub) Pimp Style

    Gatekeeper mix
    Gatekeeper - 'Slow Motion Dub'
    Gatekeeper - 'Event Horizon'
    Gatekeeper - 'Ignite Feat. Grilza & Dread Mc'
    Gatekeeper - 'Which Way'

    Komonazmuk mix
    ‘Music for Mary Anne’ [Exclusive tracks written especially for the show]

    Jakes mix
    Jakes - 'Part Of Me Part Of You' (Hench Dub)
    Jakes - 'Forgotten' (Hench Dub)
    Jakes - 'Justice' (Hench Dub)
    Jakes - 'Paper V.I.P' (Hench Dub)
    Jakes - 'The Mysteronz' (Hench Dub)

    Appleblim Mix
    Hector - 'Tension' Al Tourettes & Appleblim Remix (Forthcoming On Phonica Records)
    Appleblim & Le Ruffiant - 'Ravenous' (Unreleased)
    Sideshow Ft. Tikiman - 'If Alone' Komonazmuk & Appleblim Remix (Forthcoming On Aus Music)

    Headhunter Mix
    Brendon Moller & The Spaceape - 'Strangers' Headhunter Remix (Deep Space Media)
    Aligning Minds - 'Way Back When'
    Headhunter & Djunya - 'El Presidente'
    F - 'Night Drive'
    Headhunter - 'In Motion' (Tempa)

    Gemmy mix
    Gemmy – ‘Kodama’ (Dub)
    Gemmy – ‘Johnny 5’ (Dub)
    Gemmy – ‘Temptations’ (Dub)
    Gemmy – ‘Shanti Riddim’ (Dub)
    Gemmy – ‘Rusty Tin’ (Dub)
    Gemmy – ‘Wata Dwn’ Sound (Dub)

    Peverelist mix
    Hyetal - 'Pixel Rainbow Sequence' (Peverelist Mix)
    Peverelist - 'Bluez'
    Peverelist - 'Clunk Click Every Trip'

    RSD Mix
    Henry & Louis – ‘Rise Up’ RSD Mix (Edit) (Forthcoming On 2 Kings)
    RSD Feat. G.Rina – ‘You To Know’ Versatile Mix (Dubplate)
    RSD – ‘Good Energy’ (Dubplate)
    RSD – ‘Naked Mariocart’ (Dubplate)

    Wedge mix
    Wedge And Aesoteric – ‘If Symptoms Persist’
    Wedge – ‘Bequest’
    Wedge And Rasha Shaheen – ‘Backward Puzzle’
    Wedge And Aesoteric – ‘Detachment From Reality’

    Forsaken Mix
    Forsaken Feat. Ben Blackmore - 'Sagrada'
    Forsaken Feat. Ben Blackmore - 'Cross The Border'
    Forsaken Feat. Ben Blackmore - 'Evening Star'
    Forsaken Feat. Ben Blackmore - 'Learn The Hard Way'
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    Big up the bristol massive! All about Appleblim, Peverelist & Headhunter.
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    big up all the bristol manz
    keep doin watcha doin
    we on da rise:D