BRIOKIDS - Dirty Texas Luvin' 12" review in Grooves Mag issue 11


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Sep 29, 2003
Taken from Grooves magazine issue 11::

Briokids - Dirty Texas Luvin ' 12"

Houston's Briokids finally make it onto vinyl after a countless series of self-released CDRs. This record contains 2 tracks each from Briokid mainstays iCK00 and Virus B-23 as well as one track from newcomer Trash. The tracks on here mix complex jungle beats and distorted bass on a level with Venetian Snares or Fanny, but with the addition of some swaggering Texas funk. iCK00's "Cuntbumping" and "Stitchface" are heavily distorted headbanging anthems full of nasty samples and screams over stuttering, skipping, jungle-derived rhythms. Virus B-23's tracks are lighter (but only in comparison) with some speedy odd-timed beats hammering through some less menacing textures and melodies- I think I even hear a harp on "Checkouthotchicks". Trash's appropriately titled "Noizework" is the harshest thing on here- a series of endlessly pummeling noise funk loops. well worth tracking down. ---Carlos M. Pozo

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